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Temperature education, let's chase our dreams together

Not only the exploration of knowledge, but also the prospect of the future


about temperature

Temperature Education is an educational institution located in Vancouver, which is part of the North America Vocational Education Group. Temperature adopts original teaching plan and teaching materials, and cooperates with experienced teachers in the industry, aiming to formulate the clearest and most suitable learning plan for each child. While allowing children to achieve ideal grades, they can also find a life path and learning method that suits them.

To become a better self without any regrets in the process of growing up is the original intention and mission that temperature education has always practiced.


Deliver warmer education

We firmly believe that education is not only growth, but also companionship, and it is also our lifelong pursuit. We hope to convey a different temperature to every child who comes here, and meet a better and more warm self.

Temperature, protect you comprehensively, comfort you.



Let every child be a better version of themselves



Temperature, accompany you to explore the stars and the sea

temperature value


- Respect yourself and recognize yourself.
- Respect parents, employees, and everyone.

- Understand and listen to children's ideas.
- Guide the direction correctly and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

- Rigorous and realistic academic attitude.
- Targeted approach to learning.

- Set goals and plan clearly.

- Unity of knowledge and action, not forgetting the original intention.

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200-1112 W Pender, Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6E 2S1

+1 778-686-2834


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​temperature education

Phone: 778-686-2834

North American Vocational Education Group

temperature education

200-1112 W Pender, Vancouver, BC,
Canada, V6E 2S1

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