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WEDO Dual-Instructor Classes


Program Details

Our Dual-Instructor classes are taught by experienced educators who conduct the lessons 


 A secondary instructor, a teaching assistant, who supports students outside of class time

Primary Instructor


Secondary Instructor

​The Primary Instructor's Credentials

  • Our team consists of experienced, BC or Ontario certified teachers working in the public and private school systems, and IB examiners; educators average more than 10 years of teaching experience

  • Many of our instructors have special achievement or recognition awards in the education industry

The Teaching Assistant’s Profile

  • 3-8 years teaching experience in related field

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in related majors from top Canadian universities


  • Based on the BC curriculum, our classes use interactive teaching methods to provide students with explanations of course content, activities discussions, scientific experiments, etc., to fully stimulate students' learning potential

  • Daily homework assigned, increasing in difficulty level so students can build proper foundation and be challenged


  • Students can connect with their bilingual teaching assistants for additional support through the daytime and evening, 5 days a week

  • Students’ progress reported to parents on an ongoing basis​

  • Homework corrected and feedback provided to students.  Appointments can be made with teaching assistants for additional support


WEDO online learning management system
  • Students and parents each have their own accounts

  • Class schedules and homework can be accessed

  • Parents will be notified of all progress and final reports by SMS and email simultaneously

  • Class syllabus and learning materials can be downloaded

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