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Dual-Instructor Classes


Students who need

strategies for approaching learning;

support with their homework

Program Details

Advanced Placement (English: Advanced Placement, abbreviated as AP), also known as pre-university courses, is a high school sponsored and authorized by the American College Board in high schools in the United States and Canada. There are a total of 38 subjects available so far for pre-requisite university courses.

More than one tutor per class,

problem-solving on time

Multiple platforms available,

easy to access anytime, anywhere

BC Ministry of Education approved,

professional course design

Course Features

2 hours after every school day,

homework review and guidance

Well-designed course syllabus by 

elite instructors, large database of learning resources

Test and exam preparation

Dual-Instructor Classes


Ideal For

Students who are looking to

apply further practice or mastery; solve problems outside of class

Program Details

Regular Class

Conducted by our elite teaching team, helps to assist, track and follow up  on students' latest progress with parents

Dual-Instructor Class

Taught by experienced educators who conduct the lessons + A teaching assistant who supports students outside of class time

Regular Academic Tracking

Teaching assistants work closely with educators to track a student’s progress through classroom supervision, homework checks and test review sessions

Bimonthly reports written by the teachers detailing student’s strengths, progress, and work habits

Dual-Instructor Classes

Primary Instructor:
Based on the BC curriculum, our classes use interactive teaching methods to fully stimulate students' learning potential

Daily homework assigned, increasing in difficulty level so students can build proper foundation and be challenged

Secondary Assistant:

Students’ progress reported to parents on an ongoing basis
Homework corrected and feedback provided to students.  

Appointments can be made with teaching assistants for additional support

One-on-One Class

One-on-One Class

Individualised learning

Ideal For

Students who are looking to

improve on specific subjects;

learn tactics on solving learning challenges

Program Details

Comprehensive Academic Initial Assessment

 WEDO Instructors' team is comprised of British Columbia certified teachers, IB Examiners and other experienced educators who design and teach our programs

They accurately evaluate the students’ level in each subject, assessing their strengths and areas for improvement

Overall Curriculum Planning

Analyze students' weaknesses in subject areas and plan strategies to attain academic goals

Match the most suitable teacher to meet the student's needs

Based on results and information gathered from initial assessments, individualized lessons are created targeting problem areas to attain student’s learning goals

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