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WEDO One-On-One Class

Solve the problems Customarily 

Program Introduction

Comprehensive Academic Initial Assessment


Comprehensive Academic Initial Assessment

  • The WEDO Education Team, comprised of British Columbia certified teachers, IB Examiners, recipients of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence, will assess a student’s academic standing

  • Accurately evaluate the students’ level in each subject area, assessing their strengths and areas for improvement

Overall curriculum planning


Overall Curriculum Planning

  • Analyze students' weakness in subject areas and strategies plans to attain academic goals

  • Match the most suitable teacher meet to the student's needs

  • Based on results and information gathered from initial assessments, individualized lessons are created targeting problem areas to attain student’s learning goals

Regular Academic Tracking

Regular academic tracking

  • Teaching assistants work closely with educators to track a student’s progress through classroom  supervision, homework checks and test review sessions

  • Bimonthly reports written by the teachers detailing student’s strengths, progress, and work habits



WEDO online learning management system
  • Students and parents each have their own accounts

  • Class schedules and homework can be accessed

  • Parents will be notified of all progress and final reports by SMS and email simultaneously

  • Class syllabus and learning materials can be downloaded

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