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​Temperature Cloud Classroom

We accompany you to grow stronger quietly

suitable for the crowd

Students in grades 8-12: have questions about homework;Need to practice, or improve in learning method

Course Introduction

Certified by the BC Provincial Department of Education, the course content is professional and reliable

The course software is suitable for multi-platform devices, connecting anytime and anywhere

15 people teach in small classes, the content of the class is diverse, and teachers and students actively interact

Overall Curriculum Planning

2 hours after school every day, provide homework review + knowledge point sorting for the day, and comprehensively understand the mastery of the content learned

It has the most complete teaching materials and knowledge point database in the country, and has rich teaching resources. Subject leaders and test paper testers provide special counseling for entrance examinations and examinations.

Through the analysis of a large number of sample questions, it summarizes the common question types in the exam, and provides students with efficient problem-solving ideas and unique entry points

常规班课 + 双师班

Temperature regular class + double-teacher preparatory class

Responsibility + professional really learn to understand

suitable for the crowd

Students in grades 8-12: hope to further digest what they have learned outside of school;Need to solve problems after class

Course Introduction

regular class

Summer double-teacher class


The teacher in charge of the class communicates and gives feedback on the students' learning situation in a timely manner, and follows up with the parents on the latest learning progress

The first division: senior lecturer teaching + the second division: full-time general teacher follow-up guidance

Regular classes: regular academic tracking

-Teachers of regular classes regularly communicate with parents to give feedback on students' learning status, and urge children to adjust their learning status, so as not to slack off and not fall behind

-The teaching team works closely with the teachers to track the progress in real time through classroom supervision, homework follow-up and test feedback

Summer dual-teacher class: learning in class + answering questions after class, comprehensive improvement

first division
-Based on the BC curriculum, interactive teaching to fully stimulate students' learning enthusiasm and potential
- Set daily homework based on the difficulty of teaching in BC public schools and private schools, with difficulty from shallow to deep, with higher levels


​Second Division

- Bilingual tutors provide online Q&A guidance for 8 hours a day, during which they can solve difficult and miscellaneous diseases related to the course of the day
-Correct homework after class, give students feedback in time, and contact the teacher immediately to make an appointment for tutoring if you encounter a problem that you can't do


Temperature one-to-one customized courses

For the problem, prescribe the right medicine

suitable for the crowd

Students in grades 8-12: strive to achieve breakthroughs in individual courses;Individual knowledge points need additional strengthening

Course Introduction

Comprehensive Academic Initial Assessment

-The temperature education teaching and research team together with the subject directors of top private schools, BC curriculum developers, and IB test paper questioners jointly formulate teaching plans

-Accurately evaluate students' real academic level in each subject and conduct comprehensive academic evaluation

- Clarify the problem, make targeted reinforcement and improve the score

Overall Curriculum Planning

-According to the analysis of students' problems in various subjects, formulate academic goals and study plans

-According to personal problems, match the most suitable teacher

-Develop personalized tutoring programs and syllabus for students according to the study plan


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